A must have for those who want to learn about the fundamentals of efficient investing. Jim Collins breaks down investing into digestible pieces using entertaining language without the jargon and mundane numbers found in other investment books. 

Whether you are starting on your path to Financial Independence or just beginning to retire. This is a key resource to pick up. Warning: It is hard to put back down.

Constantly working for the next paycheck, but have little to show for it?  Just not satisfied with your job or your life because of your finances? Look no further, this book is a great start, full of actionable tips and content that can change your life for the better. 


A great book by a down to earth author who will get you thinking about what is truly important in your life and pay less attention to everything else. His work is brutally honest and crude with a touch of humor. Mark Manson tells us what we all need to hear and does not sugar coat anything. 

This book is for everyone who feel like they are not tapping into their full potential. It is full of exercises to assess your life, habits, desires and goals. You have to be willing and open to self-evaluation. I recommend doing this with both independently and with a partner. Ultimately, you will feel motivated to work towards your best version and live an intentional life by your design.