Debt Payoff Tracker

Debt Payoff Tracker

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Download my ultimate debt payoff tracker.

This spreadsheet will keep you laser-focused on paying off your debt.

Full Video Tutorial & Demo below:

Step 1: Enter your loan details by filling out the white cells on the right. Enter as many loans as you would like.

Step 2: Enter your desired amount you would like to allocate towards your loans each month by filling out the white cells on the left side of the sheet in the column titled "projected payment"

Step 3: Update the blue cells each month or each time you make a payment and see if you can beat your projections. Once you're done with your payments, you get to check that box at the bottom which will calculate how much you saved in interest!

Extra notes:

You may also check off the loans to the right of the screen. As you check them off, your weighted interest will decrease giving you a similar boost regardless of if you're using the debt snowball or debt avalanche technique.

The reason why you need to include your initial debt is to calculate the average weighted interest which is how multiple loan averages are calculated since each loan carries a different interest rate with different interest balances.

Some cells may turn from green to red if you miss projections, but you can always make it up next month!

All the gray cells automatically update as they have formulas embedded in them.

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