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Pie Chart of 2020 Expenses
25 Jan: How We Spent $30,135.43 in 2020

Often, the perception of what you spend and what you actually spend can be two different things. The purpose of…

57% to FI
10 Jan: December 2020 Update: 57% To Financial Independence

I’m a little late for this December update, but who’s keeping track besides myself. During my last update, I reduced…

new year's resolution
01 Jan: 8 Financial New Year’s Resolutions To Make You Rich In 2021

One of the things many people strive towards at the beginning of each year is on how they can improve…

Person Massaging someone's upper back
22 Nov: Why I Started A Private Practice

Starting a private practice has been on my mind for a few years. It has been one of those things…

reasons to sell
20 Sep: Reasons You Should Sell Your Investments

Warren Buffet has famously said that his holding period for his stocks is “forever,” but that doesn’t mean he never…

Corona Savings
15 Aug: Our Adjusted Budget Can Make Us $30,000 Richer

COVID-19 initially sent our investments plummeting by $100,000. I am glad we held strong, but I spent more time thinking…

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