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06 Jan: My 6-figure Compensation Package As a Physical Therapist

Earning six figures is a common milestone of financial success for many people including myself. When I began PT school…

Flower growing out of pennies
27 Sep: 50 Ways To Save Money On A Low Income

Saving money is challenging for the vast majority of people, but finding ways to save money on a low income…

16 Aug: Can Physical Therapists make 6 figures?

While in my second year of physical therapy school, one of my professors said that the majority of us will…

Pie Chart of 2020 Expenses
25 Jan: How We Spent $30,135.43 in 2020

Often, the perception of what you spend and what you actually spend can be two different things. The purpose of…

57% to FI
10 Jan: December 2020 Update: 57% To Financial Independence

I’m a little late for this December update, but who’s keeping track besides myself. During my last update, I reduced…

new year's resolution
01 Jan: 8 Financial New Year’s Resolutions To Make You Rich In 2021

One of the things many people strive towards at the beginning of each year is on how they can improve…

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