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Person Massaging someone's upper back
22 Nov: Why I Started A Private Practice

Starting a private practice has been on my mind for a few years. It has been one of those things…

reasons to sell
20 Sep: Reasons You Should Sell Your Investments

Warren Buffet has famously said that his holding period for his stocks is “forever,” but that doesn’t mean he never…

Corona Savings
15 Aug: Our Adjusted Budget Can Make Us $30,000 Richer

COVID-19 initially sent our investments plummeting by $100,000. I am glad we held strong, but I spent more time thinking…

41% FI
25 Jul: June 2020 Update: 41% To Financial Independence

Instead of providing monthly updates, I will be providing biannual updates so I can actually tend to my other projects….

12 Jul: Guide to Personal Financial Wellness

Every time you turn on your television or open your web browser there is another company selling a product that…

Free Money Game
15 Jun: The Free Money Game For Investors

No one is going to give you something for nothing. Even those who earn money passively through real estate, business,…

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